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Although the interior of the home makes a major statement to family and visitors alike, the exterior areas are a great place for stylish accessories. This week’s Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks takes us outside the home to look at the Modern Outdoors.
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With so many amazing outdoor furniture options available, you are sure to find benches, tables and chairs with clean lines and simple modern styling. But accessorizing your outdoor spaces is just as important as the indoors. Especially for those of us living in more temperate climes, the backyard is merely an extension of the home. With meals prepped on the barbecue and lazy summer nights approaching, take time to find those small touches that bring indoor style to your outdoor space.

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You approach the front porch of the house. A simple number plaque announces that you have arrived at your destination. As you round the sideyard towards the laughter and chatter, you spy a small wooden bee box nestled a spray of colorful flowers. As you arrive at the patio filled with guests, you find a group of friends discussing the week’s events. One rests comfortably on a synthetic daybed. Despite the noise, birds continue to visit the hanging feeders dangling along the edge of the patio cover. You approach the food table, which is peppered with small oil lamps for ambiance and light. As the dusk airs starts to chill, you find a spot next to the firepit for a little added warmth. You settle in for an enjoyable evening of friends and fun.

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Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.

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FormFire Glassworks : The Modern Outdoors
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