Room by Room – the Modern Pillow

By Modern Simplicity • Updated on 07/06/2021

After a week off, Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks returns to our run-though of home accessories with a quick-change artist – the Modern Pillow.
Room by Room - pillow 01
Pillows are a great way to quickly change the mood of a room. Because large-scale furniture is more of a long-term investment, we have a tendency to find something that is not trendy, but simple in style and color. Although we usually use pillows for their ability to bring in a pop of color to a space, today I wanted to address personality and craft as a basis for some of your pillow choices. There are many pillows available sewn up with ready-made (and very cool) fabrics, but these are readily available and easily made at home. But there are some fabulous options out there, some made with more traditional techniques, all of them designed and created by hand with a personal touch. Fabric piecing is a standard quilt-making method, but becomes completely modern when formed into a orange and flax cross pattern, or quilted and pieced from raw silk. Embroidery, another time-tested craft, turns into a contemporary design when a chrysanthemum is simplified and blown up or felt dots are appliqu̩d along with hand stitching. More modern and less handmade-looking are the selection of silkscreen pillows available online Рa turquoise ink bird looks more muted when placed on a dark background, and a monogram pillow becomes a way to tag that item as your own (and a classy way to finish off a bed).
Room by Room - pillow 02
Be sure you pay close attention to the fabrics and processes used, and be aware of cleaning instructions. Especially with hand stitched or pieced pillows, you want the quality of the fabric to be high to avoid the “HomeEc project” look. Don’t forget that you can layer these pillows with solid color pieces that help to define the colorway of your space, just remember to edit carefully. A sofa festooned in pillows is not the way to enhance a modern, clutter-free space. Carefully chosen accessories with personality and style brings a sense of intimacy and calm to your home.

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FormFire Glassworks : Room by Room - the Modern Pillow
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