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By Modern Simplicity • Updated on 07/06/2021


This week, Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks looks at a sinuous chair with a modern look, the Panton Chair. And we moved the post up a day, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving…

Designed in 1960 by Verner Panton, this chair was the first single-piece molded plastic chair to be manufactured. Produced by Vitra, the current version is made of integrated-color polypropylene and works as well as an exterior piece as it does as an occasional or dining chair. The simple visual effect of the chair belies the complexity in its curves. Gentle curves shift continuously to move from one orientation to another, turning in on itself and then back out again to create a graceful chair. These chairs are also made to be stackable, so they store well during winter months.

I love to see this chair in multiples, as they really do take up quite a bit of visual space. Today I have paired them with a maple dining table whose minimal legs leave room for a set of these chairs. A table runner with a undulating design echoes its gentle curves. You can have felt seat cushions made to fit your chairs, keeping the look minimal while adding a little extra padding. A leather tote holds magazines and other items. A set of letterpress coasters reminds us to toast the holiday season.

Next week I will choose a new iconic piece and give you my picks for accessorizing your modern home.

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FormFire Glassworks : Modern Icons - the Panton Chair
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