Room by Room – the Panton Heart Cone Chair

This week, Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks celebrates Valentine’s Day with Verner Panton’s Heart Cone Chair.

Designed in 1959 for Vitra as a variant of his popular Cone Chair, the Heart Cone Chair is certainly a striking piece of furniture that draws your attention no matter the room. Although it is available in 9 upholstery colors, it is most often seen in red for the obvious reasons. This is a statement piece, but one that fits exquisitely in the modern lexicon, as it deals with issues of form and structure.

Living in a modern home that strives for simple design doesn’t mean you have to eschew any touches of whimsy. Incorporating items for holidays such as Valentine’s Day just means you have to do some careful picking and choosing. Graphical ‘hugs and kisses’ pillows make strong statement, and would be fun for any day. An engraved rock can be a reminder of that special relationship, while a ceramic heart and dish can hold small items and look simple and clean. A pile of felted heart pebbles livens up a display shelf, while a tongue-in-cheek look at the holiday in the form of a ‘heart’ towel can be quite the conversation starter.

Next week I will choose a new iconic piece and give you my picks for accessorizing your modern home.

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FormFire Glassworks : Modern Icons - the Panton Heart Cone Chair

I wonder that too Waterrose. Looks like it would give a lot of back support if you leaned to one side.


Unfortunately no! The seat itself is actually much the same size as a standard upright cahir set. But it sure looks scrumptious!

Modern Simplicity

Everything is so beautiful. I wonder what it is like to sit in that chair? Is it big enough for two?

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