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This week, Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks takes a look at a shelving system that has been in use for almost 50 years, the 606 Universal Shelving System.

Designed by Dieter Rams in 1960, the modular shelving system is still a visual and practical tour de force. With an anodized aluminum support and shelving and cabinets in off-white metal, black metal or beech, this system is sure to find a home in and modern layout. The versatility of the system is endless. With self ending bookshelves of varying depths (that can be hung in either direction), cabinets with drawers and doors, hanging rods, tilted shelving for display and mounting backs for television monitors, you can design this system to fit any set of parameters. And if you don’t have a wall, there is an extra piece of hardware that transforms the system into a divider braced between floor and ceiling. But the best part about this shelving system is that it is expandable, and therefore a little easier on the budget. Start with a small system and add on as you wish. A system made 40 years ago can get a new addition – these parts have been made to be consistent. Available from Vitsoe, this set is a fun addition to a blank area of wall. Im considering where in my home to place a starter set right now!

Inspired by the image of the off-white shelves against the blue wall, my choices for handmade accessories are chosen from this limited color palette. Remember to add a little shot of a contrasting color like burnt orange or chartreuse to liven things up when you keep to a simple color scheme. Sitting on a shelf surrounded by books is a matte stoneware vase. Beside it lays a handmade suede journal adorned with an original print. In the space between two systems hangs a print evoking the cold weather of Finland. In one of the larger spaces between the shelves hangs a clock created from a recycled record album. Atop a tilted display shelf sits a hand-thrown and hand-painted decorative plate.

Next week I will choose a new iconic piece and give you my picks for accessorizing your modern home.

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FormFire Glassworks : Modern Icons - Rams Universal Shelving System
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