Scrabble Mosaic Project

Laura from Scrabble Gal was kind of enough to send this tutorial for a Fingerprint Mini Mosaic. Its a fun and easy project that you can do at home with your kids or if you are kid-less (like me) you can invite some friends over and have a little DIY party. 

How To:

Step 1: Set aside the tiles youre going to need to spell out the words “Hand Print”

Step 2: Take 11 tiles (any letters will do) and prime the non-letter side so they are completely white. Add a second coat if necessary, and allow to dry completely.

Step 3: Using your old ink pad (be sure to use non-toxic ink) ““ one finger at a time, cover your fingertip in ink and press your fingertip on the white side of your tile to create a black-on-white fingerprint. Be sure to use one finger per tile. However, in the finished example, Ive used two tiles for my right thumb. Also, I recommend practicing on a scrap piece of paper first, because getting just the right amount of ink can be a bit tricky. 

Step 4: Arrange your tiles like the example above.

Step 5: From here, you can do a whole bunch of things ““ you can transform this into a refrigerator magnet, create a tiled-mosaic, or transform this into wall-art that can be framed and hanged ““ great for kids rooms. (I teach each of these techniques in detail in my tutorials, as well as how to use recycled papers instead of paint.) But theres no reason to stop there. Ive had a few Moms tell me that theyve done a “babys first prints” scrapbook project using this idea. The options are endless.

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