Seeing Double

I will leave you today with the photographs of sixteen year old Lauren Withrow. Pretty amazing to say the least. Found via Lushlee.

Have a great weekend! See you bright and early Monday for the start of the brand new exhibition.

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She is so amazing. I’ve been following her on Flickr for quite some time now and can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in complete amazement.

Kimberly Creagan

16, huh? my my, i do feel unsuccessful. kinda creepy, in a good way. mainly just beautiful.

Emily Henderson

I love her photographs! What talent!


Nice photo, I loved it.

♥ I Love Pink ♥

Wow, her photographs are incredible, I really like her style. I love what she says about herself and her photography on her about page, ‘At sixteen I am still young, but I had wanted more than anything to find a hobby that could grow into a career.’!


so lovely and sweet!


Wow – I love the coloring and dept. Beautiful!


these photos are gorgeous…so inspiring…thanks for sharing!

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