Hand Sewn from Sew Moe

Designer, Moe Erin Donnelly, stocks her Etsy shop Sew Moe with playful, stylish clothing for women.

I am always impressed by the designs Moe dreams up. There is something a tiny bit whimsical about every (sewn by hand) piece, especially her newest tops and  bottomsLove the background in her most recent photo shoot too. What do you think of it?

Special offer for the remainder of August: The Sweet Seventeen dollar Sweater! This month, these sweaters from Sew Moe are being sold at 70% off (which is a savings of $40!). Only a couple days left on this special offer. So hurry over.

Visit Sew Moe on Etsy now to browse the entire collection.

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Stunned by the photoshoot background. Very nostalgic and camp crafty, and the perfect way to show off the designs! They go together perfectly. Nice line!


This is so beautiful and unique!


Wow ! I love the design of the skirt . She totally rocked the background ! Every photography tip is not to have a ‘distracting’ background . I admire how she didn’t act on that & experimented a new style . It totally works with her design .


wow, SEWN BY HAND? sounds like a lot of work, but it definetly makes everything 10x more special.


Agreed Katie. I really love the first skirt. The little pop of red looks good with grayish-brown. AND The background is dreamy and fun. I really love the masks too. Thanks for stopping by.


First, the skirt on top is fabulous. I love that bow, and it looks so comfortable. Second, I really like the background – there’s something really whimsical about it – like I couldn’t have anything other than a delightfully magical time if I were wearing the skirt.

Katie @ ktmade blog
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