Shihar: Convertible Clothing


Shop of the Day: Today’s shop of the day is the comfy clothing line Shihar, which is run by Shira who has been designing & creating clothes since 2001. Shira began designing her own personal clothing after a trip to India. And shortly there after, she began creating clothes for other women as well.


Many of the pieces that Shira has designed can be worn in a variety of ways, like this snuggle up top. Who doesn’t love convertible clothing?

To view more of this collection, visit Shihar on etsy.


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A reader tipped me off to this designer recently, and I was so glad they did! I always love simple, bold, timeless designs like these!


Brittni, the grey wrap is such a perfect top that I may have to go and purchase it…gorgeous…thanks for sharing…as always a great post!
Have a lovely evening.

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