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pat and cake

I have been searching for a new bag for a long time. So long in fact, that I imagine people are getting tired of me mentioning it here on the blog. But I have good news- I found one two (from today’s shop of the day: Pat and Cake)! I just have to decide between this one and this one. At such affordable prices, I suppose I could just get both right!? Throw in a couple of those scallop coin purses and and the total would still be under $90. Yeah!  Oh no- now my mind is racing with possibilities.

More about Pat and Cake… All of the bags are designed by Denise, who enjoys using both vintage and new fabrics. And as you can see from the above prices, everything in Denise’s shop is super affordable. Visit Pat and Cake.

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Oh wow, these are really sweet!


The first one is so lovely! It could easily go from summer to fall.

Amanda Nicole
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