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roll and tumble pressI have always been a sucker for a good story…and I have a great (and short) one to share today: How Roll and Tumble Press came to be. Christie, painter turned letterpress printer, and Caleb,  art school dropout turned tattoo artist, bonded over their love of music, quirky collections and dusty junk shops. One, big, drafty house, three rescue dogs, and a chance meeting with a true old time printer and Roll & Tumble Press was born. On top of making these super cool letterpress prints (and cards), Christie and Caleb are wonderful people to work with and have a true passion for what they do. Visit Roll and Tumble Press for more info.

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Really love these prints…maybe I will have to make some purchases!

Emily Jungden

I love Roll and Tumble Press. I have their Good Night print. They are the nicest couple too!

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