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There is something that you should know about me: I am obsessed with cupcakes (icing mostly-but nevertheless cupcakes). They are so delicious and hold such a happy, childlike feeling for me. Which brings me to today’s shop of the day…I have always liked Melissa Lund’s photography, but when I saw this series of sweetly soft cupcake liners I just fell in LOVE. The colors and the lighting are perfect! Visit Melissa Lund Photography.

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ok that was dorky… but the sentiment is there….lovely photos, I feel the need to bake .. though I don’t usually need much encourgement there.


oh, these pics are so yummy i could eat them! i too love cupcake… frosting! when i was a kid i would only eat the frosting and throw the cake out. i still want to do that but being older and wiser i know that i can’t really get away with it.


Pam, I use to do that when I was a kid too. And when I say I was kid, I really mean last weekend. 🙂


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