Shop of the Day…Weekend Edition

beebdesignThese handmade dolls and soft toys by London-based desinger, Bess Harding, nickname beeb, are so cute. The collection includes fabric dolls, beeb bears, and mini-painted paper mache characters. All handmade by Bess, using a variety of new and vintage materials and trimmings. Visit Beeb Design now.


safiyabeautyPamper yourself with Safiya Beauty. Safiya is a natural beauty line that merges natural and eco-friendly ingredients with luxurious indulgence. Safiyas philosophy is to provide you with the finest, purest natural and organic products, but never at the risk of neglecting your need to feel beautiful and smell delicious. Visit Safiya Beauty now.

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Beeb Design…how flipping cute are those stuffed dolls! Great find!

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