Shop of the Day…Weekend Edition


Shop of the Day Weekend Edition: We have mentioned the work of Shanon Gass of My Fine Garden many times here on papernstitch. I am convinced Shanon can make anything look beautiful through her lens.

Visit My Fine Garden, the shop and blog.

smidgeboxSmidgebox Designs creates products for the young and the young-at-heart. In the Smidgebox shop you will find all kinds of goodies:  tote bags for children and adults, fabric gifts for babies, even personalized items. 

Visit Smidgebox Designs etsy shop and blog.

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You’re so sweet, Brittni! =) And I just love those fabric blocks. If I ever someday have a baby I will most definitely need them!


thanks for the lovely mention, brittni! i agree with what you say about shanon’s photography, it is stunning. i’m in awe! thanks for introducing me to her work.

lesley [smidgebox designs]
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