Shop of the Day…Weekend Edition

il_430xn24782914Gold Tipped White Antler from Argyle Whale

Here are the weekend shops of the day….Argyle Whale (above) and Papaver Vert (below). I have purchased something from Argyle Whale before and can tell you that the products and service are both great! Papaver Vert is a wonderful shop too, and although I have yet to purchase something from this shop, everything is just lovely and definitely worth the trip. Visit Argyle Whale here and Papaver Vert here.

pspapaverFelted Wool Bowls in Orange and Gray by Papaver Vert

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Thanks again Brittni!

Elise of Argyle Whale

Thanks Brittni! So cool to be your featured shop last weekend w/Argyle Whale 🙂

Patty - Papaver Vert
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