Shop to look out for…Mishi Design


Left. Tulip Bag and Upside Down M Bag Right. Butterfly X Bag and Soleil Bag

I have been very into bags lately, and since my favorite bag maker, Made by Hank, hasn’t had any bags in her shop lately (because they have been flying off the shelves), I thought I would seek out another bag shop on Etsy. That’s when I found Mishi Design. One of these bags has been in my favorites for a week or so and I love the simple shapes and designs. Aren’t they fantastic? For more from Mishi Designs, click here to visit their shop.

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Hi there,
Thank u so much for the compliments. please visit my new blog
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lovely bags! love the shapes in the green one. will go and have a good look, thanks for the link 🙂


OMG they’re fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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