Shop to Love: This Years Girl

Answer me this…How could you not fall in love with a shop that has a print of a fox wearing a suit? I mean really, This Years Girl is after my heart with this stuff. I just can’t get enough.

And the artist Melissa has plenty of other equally lovely photographs and photo manipulations as well. Like this print entitled Raven Call, which seems to capture a dream realm much like what Melissa describes in her bio (excerpt below)…

Through my photography and photo manipulations, I like to create my very own little dream worlds and secret places…

Visit This Years Girl on etsy to see the entire series of photographs, calendars, and jewelry.

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I love Melissa’s work! It has a wonderful fairytale quality.


Just stumbled across your blog- wonderful, inspirational stuff!
The fox caught my eye as I recently drew a few foxes using a totally unique (and virtually foolproof) method – the concept is outlined in my book ‘A is for Art’.

John F
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