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Hi Jeanna. Sure. Here is the link to how you can make them (this is the exact tutorial that Family Fun used from me, but they took new photos for the mag). http://www.papernstitchblog.com/2010/04/28/uncanny-cork-vases-containers-tutorial/
Bet your class will enjoy making these! So easy to do.


November 2010- Family Fun magazine. Featured pinup containers. I would love to make these for Valentine’s Day with my 2nd grade class. I cant seem to find this craft on your website. Could you please help me locate a picture or directions on how to make pinup containers? Thank you very much.


Oh, that is such an adorable necklace! And no, it’s not too early for Valentines Day; better early than late!;)


oh , its exquisite 🙂 The workmanship is absolutely flawless .

lakshmi sarkar
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