Shutter Bug

shutter bugShutter Bug by Jena Ardell

Over the weekend, I went to an estate sale and for some reason, decided against purchasing an 8mm brownie camera. And now I am kicking myself because it was in mint condition and would have been a great addition to my modest collection. Wahwah. 

photo loveTop. Petticoat Junction and Journey

Bottom. The Damage She’s Done and The 340

To cheer myself up, I found some gorgeous photographs on none other than etsy. Wow- I am so in love! But if that doesn’t satisfy your camera craving, I also just wrote about some of my favorite camera illustrations for my latest Scoutie Girl post.

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i absolutely love old cameras. they have so much personality.

i collect a lot of things, but i wish i collected cameras too. i just don’t have space.


Ooh wonderful photos! There is something so gorgeous about old cameras. And don’t you worry, I am sure you will find another camera just like it!! I bought a Brownie camera for super cheap, but it is in terrible condition and doesn’t work, I just love the way it looks sitting on a shelf 🙂


as a collector, i feel your pain. the only thing worse is when you step away for a second and someone else picks up the item and buys it. ugh! love the photos.


Don’t you hate it when that happens? I’ve learned to pick up anything I love if it’s within my budget. These pics are lovely 🙂

Amanda Nicole
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