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Unfortunately, I just got news that Fact and Fancy will be closing its doors on February 8th. This is the third closing that I have heard about in the last two two weeks, and it doesn’t get any easier to say goodbye to these lovely handmade-promoting shops. In these hard economic times, small business seems to get hit the worst and I only hope that soon we will all recover from this.


Fact and Fancy is a charming gallery in Brooklyn, New York that sells handmade goods and artwork. I was never able to visit the brick and mortar store in person, but I feel like I have. Jena of Modish did a great shop tour of F&F in June of last year, along with an interview with Danielle and Christine. The gallery is having a big sale from now until closing date…everything in the gallery is 30% off. So, if you are in the area, make sure you stop by and show some love and support for a shop that will be sorely missed.

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It’s so sad that small business is hit the worst in times like these. This is when we really need the adaptability and friendliness of small businesses. Especially ones selling art and supplies! I could go on about how I feel about small vs. large business, but I wono’t.

Brittany Noel
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