Sippin’ on Sunshine

It has been unbelievably hot here in Florida this last month. So hot, in fact, that I have only been going outside if I have to. Its times like this that I wish I had a pool and all these outdoor furniture pieces to go with it. While only a few are anywhere near my price range, a girl can dream.

1. MAKU Chaise Lounge from Nest Living 2. Moon Bell Chime from Sprout Home 3. Lister Palms Teak Lounger from Shop Grounded 4. Modern Outdoor Etra Lounge Cushions from Shop Grounded

5. Veneto Stackable Chaise Lounge from Design Within Reach 6. Notebook Portable Grill from Design Within Reach 7. Elba Sofa from Design Within Reach 8. MAKU Lounge Chair from Nest Living

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