Snow Day

Since we’ve moved here, I’ve been hearing people say that it snows every once in a while in Seattle, but that it wasn’t a regular occurrence. So I was super excited to see it snow, really snow, for a few hours yesterday. It was so pretty. And quiet. And lovely. Jeff and I layered up and took the pup out with us for some winter fun. And I felt like a little kid at Christmas (I realize that snow is not that exciting for some, but for a girl that lived in Florida most of her life, it was pretty exciting).

What did you do this weekend?

*This year, one of my new year’s resolutions is to share more of myself on the blog + really connect. So you’ll see more personal posts sprinkled in the regular content from time to time.

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we had a good bit of snow here today and the sweet dog i’m long term pet-sitting absolutely loved it! it’s a rarity here too, so it’s always fun.

what i noticed is how the snow really reflects so much light, and being in it is really energizing 🙂

amy - thank you cards shop

Thanks Cathy. Sounds like your kids really enjoyed the snow. Probably as much as I did. 🙂


Gorgeous photos Brittni!
My family enjoyed the snow as well — my 7 yo daughter built a snow fort and the 2 yo made a few snowballs with our snowball maker.


wow-you saw an abandoned car lyndsey. crazy! i didn’t think the snow was that bad. anyway, i moved here just a few months after you in september. so we’ve been here almost the same amount of time. thanks for stopping by!

and same to you tsuki. i am in south lake union so we didn’t really get that much snow, compared to other areas, but it was still great.


I’ve lived here in the seattle area most my life. We definitely used to have some harsher winters. But usually we get away with barely anything. I live up near mill creek/everett now…right smack in the convergence zone. So we got dumped on over the weekend! I

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox

i was so excited to see seattle’s first snow too! we moved here in july so i’ve been hearing all the talk also — we only saw one abandoned car so far but i look forward to seeing more 😉

lyndsey @ the stationery place

thanks you noomiy and cristina. enchanting is definitely a good word for the first snow. thanks for stopping by.


These pictures are great. I unfortunately live in a city that usually sees a lot of snow. This year has been pretty forgiving until this past weekend. Even though I don’t like the cold weather, I have to admit that the first real, ground covering snow is always a bit enchanting :0)


we’ve got the same resolution! 🙂 hahha! really love snow on your pics!


we lay just in the snow!:))


That is so beautiful! I am dying for snow this year!

Keeping It Indie

Well in that case I feel especially lucky Zoe. I wouldn’t say that everything shut down, stores were still open, but it was much more quiet than normal.


My mom was just complaining about the snow 🙂 It really is quite unusual – I can count on one hand the number of snow days we had growing up. Did you find that even the small amount shut everything down?

Love the pictures!

Zoe Rooney
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