So Blue


Letterpress Card Set- Blue Car from Heather Smith Jones

One of my favorite colors is blue. Probably because there are so many great shades (navy, aqua, turquoise…). Lately, I have been collecting images of things that I am inspired by, and I went and took a look last night at all the images I had been collecting. Almost all of them were blue. So, I thought I better do an all blue post. Here we go..


Heather Smith Jones is always churning out new pieces and I especially love these navy car cards. With all that blank space, you can customize a little message on the front to give it even more personality. 


Tiny Dapple Earrings in Turquoise from Paige Russell and Zipper Bag- Orchid Blue from Jaturon


These accesories are perfect for someone on the go with simple style. I would wear these Paige Russell earrings everyday, and tote around this Jaturon pouch for makeup and other odds and ins I like to keep organized in my purse.


Whirlygigs from Michele Maule and Deerest Deer Artwork from Blue Tricycle


And of course, there is always artwork! Michele Maule has the most beautiful etchings. I just love the fragile lines and color scheme she chose for this print. And this downloadable deer print from the Blue Tricycle is as cute as it is affordable.

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Yes, Heather’s card is indeed swell… and Michelle’s etching so delicate… mmm, all of these are really beautiful!


Oh these picks are to die for! I’ll always swoon for a good letterpress piece, the deer are adorable and that is one of my favorite of Michele’s pieces. Nicely collected, ma’am!


I have always had a passion for old cars, and that CARd is lovely.

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