How attached to your phone are you?

By Brittni • Updated on 03/15/2012

Yesterday I had a weak moment and ordered The Cheesecake Factory to-go for dinner.

While Jeff and I were waiting in the lobby for our order, a big party came in. It was mostly teenagers and they all sat down on the benches nearby to wait for their name to be called, and almost simultaneously, they all got out their phones and put their heads down – texting, checking facebook, whatever they were doing.

Anyway, it made me feel really old because I thought to myself how sad it was that they were all clearly friends, and I imagine they enjoy each others company, but none of them were talking to each other. It was like they were in the phone zone!

But then I started to think about how much I use my own phone now, and I realized I am not that far behind those kids. I am pretty sure that the sole reason I am now attached to my phone is because of this! But I can’t blame them, they’ve made using my phone so fun.

So now that I have come to terms with the fact that I am using my phone more, I am thinking about breaking down and getting a case. Only I have never found one I actually liked. Until now.

On Your Case makes some seriously awesome iPhone cases. That image above is of one of their phone cases.

I want this one. Or this one.

Here are a few of my favs from their Etsy shop…

You can visit On Your Case on Etsy to view more of the collection (there are a lot of ’em – more feminine ones too if you’re interested in that).

And after you visit their shop, come back here and answer this question…

How attached to your phone are you?

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in your´e case:

gabriela garcia (@Gabzila_Garcia)

Vil ha!

Vera Ridderseth (@VeraHelene)

How attached to your phone are you? #addiction #technology

Heather Ashley (@Yurtakehm)

@onyourcasestore featured on @papernstitch Thanks Brittni!

Jenn (@OnYourCaseStore)

ugh. i should be more attached to my phone, i suppose. i’m always getting flack because i forget to bring it with me someplace or the other. i just think they are kind of rude devices that keep people out of the present moment and present company. i’m probably in a big minority here, though. i much, much (much, much) prefer home phones.
i like the cases!


Hey Cindy. I completely agree that it is a bummer to see people so focused on technology 24-7, BUT it is the reality these days. So I am learning to come to terms with it. I really like my phone at this point (its kind of like a fun toy for me), but I know when to shut it off. It doesn’t control me. Ya know?

I feel like the younger generation (like the kids I saw at the restaurant last night) are becoming TOO attached to technology in some instances. And that worries me. But that is a whole other story, I suppose.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this topic.



While I’d love one of those cases, my phone is so old that they probably don’t make cases for it anymore! I thought I’d be desperate for a smart phone, but I really prefer to interact with people face to face. I bought a DS Lite as a present to myself for a job well done, but the battery died in February 2011, and I still haven’t bothered to recharge it! There is so much to watch and observe in the world that it kills me when folks are sitting with their faces in their phones or game gadgets, especially when surrounded by live people! I couldn’t believe it when I went to a concert the other night, and when the band started, 3 of the people in my group pulled out their phones to check their messages! I was insulted on behalf of the band… I realize that I’m unusual in my lack of addiction to my cell phone (I have friends who text me, but I have no idea how to text back with my vintage Nokia 🙂 ), but I really do use my cell phone for emergencies (and the occasional take-out order). It might have something to do with my rate plan… I can’t seem to give up on my $19.99 a month bill 😀

Cindy G
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