So…I’ve Been Busy Lately

I am a little behind on sharing what I’ve been up to lately. So to square things up, I’ll just tell you about them now… named papernstitch one of the 12 most beautiful Kreativ-Blogs (#5). Thanks so much Brigitte! Certainly an honor to be amongst the other ladies that were part of the top twelve.

-I recently created a holiday project for how to make a unique floral holiday centerpiece (slide 18 is me).

-I did a mini interview with After Nine to Five, where I share my inspirations and the best piece of advice I’ve ever received.

-I wrote a post for Scoutie Girl about finding your zen. And another one called The Guide to Getting Anything Done in 3 Simple Steps. And oh yeah…One more about unleashing your secrets. Juicy stuff.

-I spill the beans on my strategies for getting things done, along with three other accomplished entrepreneurs, over on Psych Central.

-And I was interviewed by Coral Lee of Creative Women’s Business about defining your target market, doing market research, building a following and the common mistakes new creative business owners make. You can listen to the audio now. Its about 30 minutes. This will (hopefully) tide you over until my next podcast here on the blog. I know its been a while. I’m working on it.

*The insanely beautiful image above is from Myan Soffia (who is exhibiting in the current papernstitch exhibition). Amongst the cold weather and quickly falling leaves, I thought you could use a little more color in your day.

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Thanks for all the love ladies. 🙂 Really appreciate it.


Wow! YOU are a BUSY BEE!

cari-jane hakes

Hi Brittni,

Thanks for the link to our interview. Was so fun to talk with you and I learned so much. Seeing everything you’ve been up to, I’m even more grateful you took the time to talk with me and answer my questions.
Big Hugs.

Coral Lee -

WOWZERS!! busy lady and much deserved 🙂 keep up the great work 🙂

Danielle Hardy

Thanks Amber. 🙂


Lots of great things going on . Congrats


Don’t you love it Renata? Its one of my favorites from her shop. 🙂


So lovely picture….

Renata Sky

Thanks Nicole. Hardly famous. But happy to be a part of the projects that I’ve been on lately. Really glad you are enjoying the newsletter.


You ARE a superstar….so famous!! Congrats on being so busy with such awesome stuff! I love you Newsletters I get. Always full of amazing & useful things.

Nicole Underwood

Thanks Jacqui. You’re a sweetheart.


You’re a superstar, such an amazing motivational force!
thank you!!

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