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I am going crazy for all the jewelry on the papernstitch site right now, and I have noticed a lot of my bookmarks lately are from various jewelry sites. Maybe its the time of year, but jewelry is one of my favorite things to buy online right now (especially necklaces), aside from artwork, because its something I can wear, but I don’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit me when it arrives in the mail. (I hate buying clothes online because of this- but that’s another story). 


1. Jackrabbit Necklace 2. Beulah Earrings in Yellow Leaves 3. Radiant Hibiscus Earrings  4. Trio Necklace 5. Two Little Wings, Sterling


This round up may be a little necklace heavy, but that’s probably just because necklaces are my favorite thing (as I mentioned before)! What I wouldn’t do for that rabbit necklace. I need, I mean NEED, that necklace. Anyway, I usually pair down my outfits when I wear jewelry because I don’t want to look too flashy. And I think all of these pieces would be perfect with jeans and a tee. Don’t you? Not too casual, not too dressy.


6. Carnelian Long Necklace 7. Laser Beam Ring 8. Spring Blossom Toggle Necklace 9. Wave Collection Ring 2- Ribbon 10. Pod Earrings


There are so many other pieces I would have liked to include. I could have gone on and on. And I bet you know of tons of great jewelry designers too. So, if I missed someone that deserves recognition, leave a comment with a link and I will be sure to check it out. What kind of jewelry do you like to wear?

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You’ve picked out some gorgeous jewelry here! I love no. 5, the wooden one. I think spring is a good time for jewelry. I find myself making a lot of bracelets because I can finally wear short sleeves!

Brittany Noel

this looks great brittni, love what you are doing with the blog. my jewelry is pretty minimal thesedays, limited to what can’t be pulled off/broken etc by little mitts. but i window shop lots and buy for my sister~ 🙂

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