Special Edition of Workspace Wednesday : Carrie Strine’s NYC Home

Today, instead of just a standard Workspace Wednesday post, we have something much better: a mini house tour (which includes workspace photos as well of course) of artists Carrie Strine and Tim Lahan‘s NYC apartment.

Carrie recently received her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art, and is busy working on projects in photography and handmade items. And she is also currently exhibiting her work on papernstitch. Tim works as a designer and illustrator for companies like Urban Outfitters, Nike, and The New York Times.

Their home is filled with beautiful light, and the simple white backdrop leads the way for pops of color to shine through. Such a cozy and inviting space. Check it out (oh, and click images for larger view)…

Thank you so much you two for sharing your home with us. Please visit Carrie Strine and Tim Lahan for more from these talented artists.

And to view even more photos of their home, click here.

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AHHHH LOVE the Giant clocks on the iMacs. I have to find out how to add this to mine…although sometimes being reminded of HOW fast the time passes, is just not a good thought, haha…but yes, beautiful workspace post as usual!

heidi rohr

Carrie’s space is so light-filled and clean. I’m forever envious of that lovely backdrop. Thanks for spotlighting her, Brittni 🙂

Brittany Broas

Lighting makes all the difference in a living space. Doesn’t it Brittany? I love the giant clocks too Heidi. Good call.

Brittni: papernstitch

heidi rohr: look here http://www.9031.com/downloads/screensavers.html for the screensaver 🙂


Thanks for jumping in with the link ActionLog. I appreciate it!


New reader, and am loving your features in your post!!!

girl japan
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