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If you make jewelry or are thinking about getting in to it, you’ll definitely want to check out Photo Jewelry for supplies. It is the world’s largest photo jewelry supplies super store, and is a family owned and operated business located in Michigan. The site offers a large selection of photo jewelry making items such as bracelet blanks, brooch blanks, ring blanks, and more.

I keep thinking this would be a great source for artists looking to turn their artwork into jewelry pieces.

Please visit the Photo Jewelry website and support our sponsors who make this blog possible.

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I’d go with feline adorable Pilli. I don’t think you ever go wrong with that! Although I like where your going with the earrings.


A lot of fun indeed… but the greatest dilemma remains… who to put on my ring. My Cat? Or my boyfriend? Feline adorable versus human adorable.
Mmmmm. Not sure.

Maybe taking earrings could solve that problem for me!

pilli pilli

pilli pilli

I really like the photo jewelry! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

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