Spool Me Once, Spool Me Twice…The wooden spool DIY roundup

By Beth • Updated on 07/07/2021

This contributor post was written by Beth of Parsimonia. 

I’ve been a collector of vintage spools for a couple years now, and while they look pretty all in a row in my workspace, sometimes I want to push their usefulness past just being eye candy. Then this past week I spotted a new DIY (pictured above) posted by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. This got me on a search for ways other creatives have turned these seemingly simple blocks of wood into something stunning (other than the standard side or coffee table made from the industrial-size spools), and I love the results that turned up! Hope my spools haven’t gotten too comfortable on that shelf…I’m going to be putting them to work this weekend! 🙂

(above) DIY Thread Spool Wine Corks by A Beautiful Mess

Mini-spool Necklace by Wild Olive

Wooden Cable Spool Clock by Tiffany Ruda

Wooden Spool Jewelry Hooks by A Time for Everything

Mini-spool Magnets by The Twinery

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Haha, great way to ‘up cycle’ your wooden spools. Thanks for sharing.

DIY Supplies

Thank you so much for mentioning my jewelry organizer and also for showing these other fun uses of spools. I still have some in my stash and may need to pull them out again!

Melissa K

Love it 🙂 i was just looking up spool tutorials myself! thinking of making this necklace –

barnicles 🙂


Such great ideas!
Speaking of spools, I found this artist that works with spools of thread a few of weeks ago, fascinating stuff, take a look: http://www.devorahsperber.com/thread_works_index_html_and_2x2s/index.html


Absolutely amazes me with what people come up with, fantastic imaginations out there, love the clock , this has given me a few ideas to play with,

bryce currie
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