Staying connected via snail mail

The people I consider to be my closet friends and colleagues right now are the ones that I have only met in person a handful of times. That may sound like a weird thing to say, but just because I don’t meet up with these ladies in person for drinks doesn’t mean we don’t talk.

Oh we talk! On Skype, via email, and on the phone.

Occasionally, I’ll even send ’em some snail mail. Admittedly, I haven’t been good about sending thank you cards and notes in the mail lately because I have been so dang busy (and I don’t always remember), but I plan to get back on track with that soon because of Sent Well.

Here’s the deal: You can buy greeting cards (the letterpress section is my fav) from Sent Well the old fashioned way and have the blank cards shipped to your house OR you can have them send your cards out for you – they will write your personal message out by hand (yes- handwritten), address the envelope, stamp it, and send your card in the mail to it’s recipient.

How awesome is that?

So, I’ve been playing around with some of the cards that the owner, Nicole, graciously sent me and I wrote a few letters that I’ve been putting off for far too long….

I want you to test the process out as well and see how it works, so one lucky winner will get to do just that…

Enter the Sent Well Winner’s Choice Giveaway!

Nicole is giving away a winner’s choice package to one lucky papernstitch winner here on the blog! That winner will receive a total of 10 cards of his/her choosing from Sent Well (whether you want them sent blank to you at your doorstep to use later OR you want to have Sent Well mail them out for you – shipping included for the winner free of charge). International entries welcome!

—> All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell me who you’ve been meaning to send a snail mail card to lately. 

Thats it! This giveaway will close Wednesday, April 4th at 11:59pm EST. International entries welcome. **Bonus entries for tweets and facebook shares (just use the buttons below).

The winner will be announced on the blog Friday, April 6th. UPDATE 4/6: A giveaway winner has been chosen! Congrats to Amie Mccracken – you have won the Sent Well giveaway! Thank you to all you entered.

Disclosure: I was compensated by the advertiser for this editorial feature. All opinions and ideas, however, are my own.

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Those cards are beautiful! I have been meaning to send some snail mail to one of my best friends from college who just moved to Cinncinati a few months ago. A few encouraging words to help him along the way. 🙂
Thank you for the chance to win!


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yuko♥♥ (@1982_yuko)

I’ve been meaning to snail mail my friends who are living in South Korea, as well as some who live in Wales! I would love to send some of these fun cards their way. 🙂


Fun giveaway from @papernstitch: Staying connected via snail mail

Crystal Jones (@crystalbjones)

I would love to send snail mail to each of my wonderful girlfriends! We all deserve a little treat in the mailbox!

Lizy B

Staying connected via snail mail Here’s a super fun giveaway from Papernstitch! Free letterpress cards!

Elizabeth Boncich (@lizybbakes)

Tweeted your giveaway!

Lizy B

I need to send snail mail to my wonderful cousins.


Winnter’s choice givewaway over at @papernstitch courtesy of @SentWell:

(@discoverpaper) (@discoverpaper)

My best friend from childhood is allergic to email, and we haven’t talked in so long. Would love to send her a note!

Amy Krause

Check out our latest giveaway, courtesy of Papernstitch! (@SentWell)

My son would love to send letters to his best friend in Tallahassee, and I would love to instill in him a love of writing.


I would love to send some snail mail to my cousin and friend who both just had a baby! Personally, I cherish the paper cards I receive so much more then e-cards!


I love to send a snail mail to my ‘cyber’ friends and “tweeps” that I aprecciate as much as if they lived next door

Ana Laura de Romero

Staying connected via snail mail

Ana Laura (@Sra_De_Romero)


Ana Laura de Romero

shared on Facebook

Ana Laura de Romero

Great giveaway from my amazing friend @SentWell! Beautiful stationary!

Emily Kammeyer (@ELKammeyer)

I love Sent-Well!!! Absolutely beautiful cards, and Nicole’s penmanship when sending cards is beautiful.

I desperatly need to send my Dad a birthday card, I would definitely use one of them to say happy birthday!

Emily Kammeyer

I’d write thank-you notes to the many people who gave us baby presents. The baby is now 7 months old, so most of them are long overdue! Perhaps some pretty stationery would be a motivator…


I’ve been really meaning to send a card to my aunt who moved out east. this would be the inspiration I need!

Jessie V

What a great idea! Wish I had thought about it before, eheh! ^-^

As to who I want to send a card to? I’ve been wanting to send handwritten letters and/or cards to my 88 years old grandmother. She recently moved to a retired home, so I’m sure she would appreciate to get a little handwritten mail. Yep! That’s what I’ll do, this evening. 🙂


Staying connected via snail mail {A contest! 🙂 }

Fanie Grégoire (@FanieGregoire)

I’ve been meaning to send a card to my best friend’s mom just to say hello.

Tina W.

I’m constantly planning to send more cards – I’m terrible at it. I’d send one to my friend Beth who’s always so good at sending me cards that brighten my days!


I have a blog friend I definitely owe a couple of letters and cards. Then there are some friends from afar who I would love to send some snail mail to rather than regular emails.


Those cards are beautiful. I’ve been meaning to send a letter to my friend who lives across the country, and haven’t gotten around to it yet. Oops!

Julie @Savvy Eats



I love getting snail mail and I also like sending them out. Those cards you have are so deliciously pretty. I’m always on the lookout for thank-you cards because I like sending them out to friends or even customers because I love that personal touch

sonya @ lil'soak + friends

I have been wanting to hand write some notes to friends who moved out of the city!

Nicole Andrick

I’ve been meaning to send some snail mail to my old college friend, Chelsea


THanks for the giveaway! The cards are so adorable! I am a lover of snail mail and can’t help to be proud that I do it quite often. Yet one snail mail that would be nice to send would be to my roommate when I was in bible school in Australia 🙂

Jessica T.

I’d like to send a card to my best friend who currently live in Germany. I live in Russia, so we don’t see each other much.
Also, I’m a Postcrossing member and a big snail mail fan. 🙂


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A shop that writes and sends handwritten notes for you. Kind of takes the fun out of letter writing. What do you think?

Natalie Stern (@natalie_stern)

awesome giveaway. i LOVE snail mail

evastochter (@evasnutzername)

I love snail mail and i would write my boyfriend, who is attending bible college more than 500 miles away. I’d also write a friend of mine who always sends me snail mail just because. I’d love to write them using cute stationary 🙂


I adore snail mail! There is no better feeling than receiving a letter from a friend or loved one. It makes you feel so special.
I would send a much overdue letter to one of my closest friends who is studying in Germany. Thanks!


Staying connected via snail mail

Amie McCracken (@iamalivephotos)

I would love to snail mail my writerly blog friend in Oklahoma. We are kindred spirits and I wish we lived down the street from eachother.!/iamalivephotos/status/184731514842521600

Amie McCracken

These are awesome! I’d love to send one to my friend who lives in Austin.


Cool card giveaway on @papernstitch!

Inward Facing Girl (@melaniebiehle)

snail mail. any day. every day. like pleases and thanks yous!


These are so pretty! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

I’m writing letters every month, to friends and also to strangers (, so winning some lovely cards would make my day!

Estrella Azul

Such a great giveaway! –> Staying connected via snail mail

Estrella Azul (@EstrellaAzul)

Those are amazing! I need to write some snail mail to my dad. He is a few states away and retired last year. He is filling his days in all kinds of slow-living ways and I would love to start the habit or writing REAL LETTERS to each other.


RT @papernstitch: writing snail mail giveaway going on + some photographs by yours truly

(@eightymillion) (@eightymillion)

I would love to send one of your pretty notes to a friend of mine in England, it would be a total surprise!


I have been meaning to send a lovely card and note to my BFF Kimberly. I love snail mail.


RT @papernstitch: writing snail mail giveaway going on + some photographs by yours truly

Sarah Slee (@bobbinbloggin)

I have been loving snail mail lately. I’m participating in the handwritten 2012 project over at and have a new penpal from SF, its been super fuN! Random question – I have those same Kikkerland pens (great minds think alike), but the ink inserts in mind keep going bogus on me. Have you had the same problem??


I recently moved country away from my best friends and I have been sending them all a letter a month. These would be perfect for the job! 🙂


Love this mail concept – and there’s a giveaway via @papernstitch

Kellie // 74LimeLane (@74LimeLane)

I really need to send to some snail mail as a big thank you to the wonderful blog friends I’ve made. They have helped me so much!


We lovel snail mail here at the Collective – and we think you’ll like this giveaway from @papernstitch

Creative Collective (@CreateCollectiv)

I need to send a card to one of my friends in new York who is 96 years old.


Staying connected via snail mail

Brett Torrey Haynes (@IAMTHELAB)

I usually send letters with a friend I made at school, many years ago, in a pen pal program. With Facebook and email we write less in a traditional way, but we try from time to time to send us a letter. Also, a few good friends moved away, now living abroad, and I want to give them a surprise with a letter or a card. So, this pack would help a lot!!!


Nice and sweet cards to stay in touch, with sent well via @papernstitch

Sara Torregrosa (@sasatorregrosa)

i moved countries a couple of months ago so it would be great to send to my friends and family back home. specially my grandmother who doesn’t have a computer!

sara (sushi lover)

Hello! Thank you for the giveaway! I have been meaning to send a card to a very good friend in Belgium who is expecting her first child. She is like a sister to me and I always love to send her cards and gifts via snail mail.


I am obsessed with snail mail. I send mail art (including 3-d objects) out all the time, and my favorite thing to do is often to check the mailbox!

I would use these lovely cards to brighten up my friends’ day with a surprise in their mailbox. I’d also send a couple to my mom and sister who recently moved seven hours away from me.


I love paper! I have notes everywhere! I also write love letters for Love Letters.Com A great group who help people feel better by sending them love letters. Either because of an illness, tragedy or just need some encouragement & to know that there are people that care. Me & a group of my friends get together every week & write the letters. Its therapeutic for us, as it feels great to touch others who need a little love. We also leave the letters all over the place in random spots for others to find and bring a little love to them. So, we go through lots of paper, cards & stationery. This would be a great help in our journey. Best wishes & love!

Shelly Cardwell

RT @SentWell: Check out our latest giveaway courtesy of @papernstitch!

Shelly Cardwell (@meshelly7)

RT @SentWell: Check out our latest giveaway courtesy of @papernstitch!

(@discoverpaper) (@discoverpaper)

RT @SentWell: Check out our latest giveaway courtesy of @papernstitch!

(@ParagraphCove) (@ParagraphCove)

I could always use some more beautiful stationery! I’ve been meaning to send letters to my Grandma and my friend Shannon. I love writing letters.

esther // paragraph cove

I plan to send a letter to my mama. She is turning 50 this year and I can’t be at her birthday which makes me terribly sad. But I guess some snail mail in her letter box will cheer us both up.


I’ve been sending a lot of snail mail to my long distance boyfriend lately, and he loves it. I’ve really been meaning to send some to my grandfather though!


I LOVE snail mail but am so bad about sitting down to write. I have been meaning to write to several people: my best friend from high school and my sisters, primarily. My grandma, too, loves getting mail and will always respond with a card of her own. Thanks for introducing me to Sent Well!


I’ve been meaning to send snail mail to all of my friends and family who are not here in CALIFORNIA! They’re all in Indonesia!!

I can’t wait to send mail now! back to the old days! UNPLUG!! ;P

xx, t

Tesia Trisnadi

I’ve wanted to send a greeting card to my best friends who lives in Prague. We’ve been friends since we were mere tiny 2-year-olds. Then, her family moved to Prague but we’ve stayed in touch. A snail mail greeting card would be so special!

Juliette Gold

Staying connected via snail mail

Lisa Southcott (@becauseoflisa)

I would send a card to my family at home in Germany, because I keep meaning to tell them about all the amazing things that happen to me at university in UK.

Lisa S
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