Studio Tour: Rachie’s Place

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

It’s been quite a while since our last studio tour. But today, I am thrilled to be bringing it back with the cheerful Kansas City studio of Rachel Mason. You may know Rachel from her vintage shop, Rachie’s Place, and of course her blog. But, in addition to her love for all things vintage, she also has a passion for animals as a veterinary technician and uses her spare time for scrapbooking.

So, let’s get to the interview…

-How would you describe your work and shop?

I have always had an appreciation for the past and preserving memories and my Etsy shop and blog are dedicated to just that! As a scrapbook artist I am able to not only preserve my memories for our family, but I also use papercrafting as a cheap form of therapy! My shop is dedicated to rescuing forgotten treasures and giving them a second life in a new home. Ultimately though, both projects are just for fun!

-Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in my home. It is my absolute favorite room in the house and where I spend most of my free time. My husband took the time to carefully hang all of my cabinets, lights, etc. so that the space is just perfect for my needs. We live in a 70-year old home in an old neighbor in the heart of Kansas City, so the view is always pretty and inspiring.

-How many hours per week do you spend at your studio?

I spend 20 to 30 hours per week in my studio either blogging, scrapbooking, editing photos, or updating my Etsy shop. Pretty much any free time I have is spent in this room!

-Do you make your living from your shop alone?

No. My Etsy shop and studio are mostly for fun and a cheaper form of therapy. (but I said that above)

-What artist or artisan would you most like to work with on a project in your lifetime? And why?

I am a huge fan of Katrina Tan of Pugly Pixel and the Photoshop tutorials she has started posting. I would love to someday work with her on a paper/digital project…she is incredibly inspiring!

-In what ways do your promote yourself and your work online?

I try to use the Internet to my advantage DAILY. I started a Facebook fan page where I post all of my blog updates, giveaways, and Etsy news. I also have a Twitter account that is linked to my Typepad account, providing me with another way to keep fans, friends, and family up to date with whats going on in my shop, on my blog, and with my scrapbook work! It is amazing how quickly I was able to promote Rachies Place (shop and blog) and forged some great relationships with people from all over the world.

Thanks so much to Rachel for sharing her space with us today. Please visit her shop, Rachie’s Place, and blog for more.

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So bright, colorful, and cheery! I need to get this organized.


Full of color and life!! Love it ~~

laura trevey

I agree with you all ladies. I’d love to have a space to work in that is this bright. Bet the light brings a lot of inspiration.


What a great space! I love that it is so bright!

jennifer dedonato

I really love this studio. I did not know Rachel before.


What a cute space. Nice and bright makes a big difference. Thanks for having us into your space.

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