Studio Tour with Ania of PaperCutWorks

Remember Ania from last week’s block printing tutorial? Well, I am back with Ania today, sharing her multi-use workspace for a long overdue studio tour. Ania is a talented paper cut artist, as well as a budding jewelry designer. And I am happy to be showing off her space today and asking her a few questions about work, who she would absolutely love to collaborate with, and more. Enjoy!

-How would you describe your work Ania?

I love reusing old maps and dictionaries into original anatomy inspired paper cut art. Each piece created with an x-acto knife is one of a kind and typically intended as a gift for a very special occasion such as wedding anniversary, birthday, and Fathers Day. Ever since I started sharing PaperCutWorks via etsy, my paper cutting craft has become immensely rewarding thanks to the loving intentions and stories behind the custom orders requested by my supporters.

-How long have you been pursuing work as an artist/ shop owner?

Both of my grandfathers were part-time artists: one created beautiful hand-detailed leather belts and bags, the other loved painting classic landscapes and still life on canvas and glass. I was lucky to grow up among creative role models and from a young age tinkered with crafts of all types. About eight years ago I started self-studying Eastern European folklore paper cutting, two years later transitioned to one-sheet solid color cutouts. Somewhere in between I arrived at my own original style & application of this traditional craft. In addition to paper cutting I also love designing jewelry. I recently merged those two interests and created a line of wearable paper cut art, which was very well received at recent art shows and handmade markets.

-What advice do you have for other artists who may be just starting out, or are struggling to be seen?

If youve been waiting for a good time to start sharing your creations with the world, dont wait any longer. Putting yourself out there is the best thing you can do to challenge yourself and your creations and start growing as an artist. Over time youll gain skills and knowledge you simply cant through observing other artisans and reading their blogs. Then, be patient, learn from your mistakes and stay positive. The first craft show I participated in delivered eight guests during its six hours. Needless to say it resulted in no sales. I made sure to do better research before signing up for other shows & have since landed some amazing gigs. Learn from your interactions with your supporters or booth visitors. What do they compliment you on? Do they have suggestions? Write them down & apply before your next show.

-What artist or artisan would you most like to work with on a project in your lifetime? And why?

I have the greatest respect and admiration for Kurt Vonneguts work, and would love to design a papercut book cover for The Sirens of Titan. Sadly, this favorite author could no longer be involved in proofing or editing my concepts, but I would look forward to conversations with Kilgore Trout and the rest of the characters.

Visit Ania’s paper cut artwork shop and unique jewelry shop for more.

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Oh that’s wonderful Stasia. Glad you liked the interview.


Thanks for sharing such an awesome and inspiring interview! I love Ania’s work and finally have one of her pieces hanging in my studio. I can’t wait to see what she creates next.


Morgan – always a work in progress! Little by little you can create a space you’ll love
Frau Mayer & Brittni – thank you for your compliments! As soon as my husband & I complete decorating our home I will invite you for a flickr home tour 🙂
Mai – thanks so much!


Thanks for sharing, Ania! What awesome papercuts; and I love the idea of wearable papercut jewelry, too!


good point frau. i’d love to see the rest of ania’s space as well. glad you both enjoyed the tour.


Wow, what a beautiful studio. I only wish mine could look that great!


A truly beautiful studio! would love to see the rest of the place 🙂

Frau Mayer
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