Studio Tour with Jenny Present

Last week’s studio tour was quite popular, so this week I have another really cool workspace to share: it’s full-time jewelry designer Jenny Presents home studio. You may know Jenny’s custom hand stamped line of jewelry already, but have you had a behind the scenes look at the space she makes those charming pendants, earrings, and more? Probably not. Until now!

Here’s my interview and studio tour with single mom and St. Louis native, Jenny Present…

-In three sentences or less, how would you describe your jewelry line?

Jenny Present jewelry is feminine, delicate and tells a story. In particular, the hand stamped pieces tell stories of love, hope and appreciation of the customer who chooses to personalize their own. Theres beauty and meaning in every piece!

-Where is your studio located?

My studio is in my home.

-What have you found to be the best time of day (or night) to get work done? And why?

Late at night my world is a bit calmer. There arent phone calls or many emails to distract me. My son is fast asleep and safe in bed. And I feel most creative when the sky is dark.

“I feel most creative when the sky is dark.”

-What has been your most exciting / noteworthy event or happening in your work recently that you interpret as a success?

Success for me is every time a customer makes a purchase. It really validates what I am doing because they like what I am offering. However, an incredible feeling of satisfaction is when I see someone in St. Louis (where I live) wearing a piece of my jewelry and I have no idea who they are. Something recently that was really neat is that an old friend from college called me to say that she complimented a co-workers piece of jewelry and the co-worker said that she loved it and that it was a “jenny present”.

-What advice do you have for other artists who may be just starting out, or are struggling to be seen?

My advice would be to really do your homework (from the product you sell to the people you choose to have business relationships with) and to take risks. You cant further yourself or your career without taking chances ““ so go for it!

“My advice would be to really do your homework…and to take risks.”

And here are a few more photos of Jenny’s jewelry collection + home studio…

Thanks again Jenny for showing off your cozy space and answering my questions! Please visit Jenny at her jewelry shop on Etsy and *Now through October 2nd, receive a 10% discount on all purchases at when you enter coupon code: pns10 at checkout.

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Inspiring. Love a peek into others studios.

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