Style Swap: Havana Dress


Happy September, everyone! Nicole of Lillyella here with a new Style Swap. I’ve mentioned before that since I live in Cleveland, I always look for clothing I can wear in sun or snow. Seriously, who has enough closet space for two complete wardrobes? Todays Staple, the Havana Dress by flower sun, is one of those perfect year-round pieces. There is still enough warmth here in the midwest to pair it with a pretty silk scarf and peep toes but with Winter creeping in, pull out your knee high boots and a fabulous winter coat and you’re set till next Spring!


Style Staple: Havana Dress 1. Handpainted Silk Scarf 2. Splish Splash T-Straps 3. Chippy Ring


Style Staple: Havana Dress 1. Elimovna Coat 2. Madame Monroe Earrings
3. Kesha Leather Boots

Now get out and enjoy this fabulous weather, I’ll see you next week! ~ lillyella

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That coat! Darn that Anthropologie! I’m in love!

Brenda (Phydeaux)

A perfect LBD!


Oh my! Any excuse for those teal shoes and that coat! I actually bought a khaki blazer this week that I’m hoping I can wear a black dress under to make it stretch a little more into the cold weather with.

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