Style Swap: The All Day Dress

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Happy Thursday, everyone! Nicole of Lillyella here with a new Style Swap. This week’s versatile Style Staple is the Pleated Tube Dress by Lirola. It’s the perfect piece for the busy business woman who loves the night life. It’s stylish and sexy without being too revealing and looks comfortable enough to wear all day. And even though it’s form fitting, the pleats are a nice distraction for those of us who have not yet achieved the perfect six pack. Simply change up a few accessories and you go from a day of meetings to a night of dancing.

PNS swap work.indd

Style Staple: Pleated Tube Dress   1. Vintage Cat Eye Glasses   2. Vintage Spectator Heels   3. Short Draped Jacket


PNS swap work.indd

Style Staple: Pleated Tube Dress   1. Puff Wristlet   2. Vintage Rose Toe Heels   3. Zalika Feather Earrings


Could you pull off both looks? I’m a sucker for a cute Spectator but what about that pull-tab clutch, too cool! What is your favorite piece? 


Until next week, I’ll just be working on my six pack. Have a great weekend!

~ Lillyella

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I love the red and black/grey combo. Its so jazzy and gives off a hot 50’s vibe 🙂 This is wonderful!!


Great transition from day to evening. I love it!

Endless Sunner

Wowee, you’ve outdone yourself again, Nicole! I adore both looks, and am head over heels in love with the first look, including coat and glasses!!!!

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