Style Swap: The Boatneck Dress

So, is it obvious yet that I’m obsessed with dresses? I think so. But if you can get past the old school idea that they aren’t for everyday wear, there’s really nothing better when it comes to comfort, versatility and of course, style. Think about it, you have just one piece to put on, you have way more ‘air conditioning’ than in a pair of shorts or pants and you always look put together even if you do nothing else but slip on some flats.

Another great feature of a dress is that with the addition of tights, a cardigan or jacket and even some boots, you’re ready for year round versatility. Today’s Staple, the Hand Dyed Boatneck Dress by RiordanRoache, is a perfect example of just such a piece.

Style Staple: Organic Cotton Boatneck Dress 1. Fleur no. 103 Brooch 2. Hobbs Peep Toe Wedge 3. Bag for Lady

Style Staple: Organic Cotton Boatneck Dress 1. Be the First to Tier Cardigan
2. Watching the Clock Peep Toes 3. Stormy Plaid Tights

Here’s to tights weather ahead!

~ nicole | lillyella

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This boatneck dress is pretty! I can visualize what was described.


Love the second roundup especially Nicole! Great style post.


me too, brittni – those tights alone make me want the dress even more!


so cute! thanks so much for including my pin!


You are welcome Shana. Our pleasure. Yep- I agree Nicole!

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