Style Swap: The Crocheted Vest

PNS staple

Hi everyone! Nicole of Lillyella here with a new Style Swap. This weeks Staple is the beautiful Crocheted Vest by Slyvia66. Both outfits shown below can easily stand alone without it, but are just that much more fabulous with it! Think outside the box when it comes to ‘accessorizing’ and you’ll discover new ways to express your unique personal style or give new life to your existing wardrobe.

PNS swap1
Style Staple: Mink Beige Crocheted Vest   1. Gray Pearl Sparkle Necklace  
2. Idalia Dress Sandal   3. Hotel Particulier Dress

PNS swap2
Style Staple: Mink Beige Crocheted Vest   1. Midnight Flower Necklace   2. Tulip in Dark Pink   3. The Cosmos Long Sleeve Shirt

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Thursday! ~ lillyella

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That is beautiful. I love the clothing and accessories that you chose to pair it with.


i love how you paired a neutral vest with fun colors nicole.


Silvia’s work is INCREDIBLE – what a great style swap!


I have been wearing a lot of gray lately, and just love it… great vest!

laura trevey

Thank you very much for including my work on your lovely and interesting blog, it is very well made!
You are very kind with me:-)
A big hug from Italy :-))


Love the vest! It’s very versatile!

June Shin

really love the length of that vest. looks like a girl with a little more – how shall i say? – “on top” could wear it!

tara g
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