Style Swap: The Driftwood Mirror


Happy Thursday, everyone! Nicole of  lillyella here with a new Style Swap.
This week we move indoors with our Style Staple, the Driftwood Mirror by blackeyedsusan. When it comes to decorating, the key is finding an inspiration piece you really love that can also adapt to your changing style. People often start with large items such as furniture or bedding, but never overlook the accessories! See how this handsome mirror can take you from woodland chic
to seaside calm. Which look best suits your tastes?


Style Staple: Driftwood Mirror   1. Strange Bedfellows – Nesting Owl Dolls  
2. Blanche DuBois Pillow   3. Forest Through the Trees


Style Staple: Driftwood Mirror   1. Sail Away with Me 8×10 Photographic Print   2. Natural Linen Striped Satin Bedding   3. White Stoneware Bottles

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I love the driftwood mirror, I have made a mirror with driftwood which I have blogged about, but I love this one. Thanks for sharing.


Ooo, I love love love the seaside calm! Just lovely.

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