Style Swap: The Forever Flower Garland

Howdy everyone! Today I’m taking our Style Swap indoors because I’ve been busy making decisions and falling in love. First I decided that a change was in order, so I decided to move my studio from the back bedroom to the front. This, of course, means a little decorating is in order so lastly I decided that today’s Staple, the Forever Flower Garland by EmmaLamb, would be the perfect inspiration piece for my new space. Then I fell in love with a $1500 desk. No, I didn’t buy it, but a girl can dream, right? And then she can virtually create a beautiful room around it.

So, what makes the Forever Flower Garland Style Swap worthy anyway? I figure that when I’m ready to redecorate again, it would look perfect in my daughter’s room. Now I just need a daughter, and $1500.

Style Staple: Forever Flower Garland 1. Albino Blue Jay Print 2. Printmaker’s Desk 3. Swiss Lamp in White

Style Staple: Forever Flower Garland 1. Hold Onto Your Dreams Print 2. Daisy Garden Quilted Bedding 3. Shabby Vintage Parlor Table

Happy Summer!  ~ Nicole | lillyella

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been drooling over that desk since i saw it in the catalog…

alexandra keller

This is the first time I have seen that desk and I love it too. Of course, everything looks good with Emma Lamb creations.


oh my! thank you so much Nicole and Brittni, it was such a sweet surprise to see my garland over here today… 🙂 i’m loving the two different settings for it too… and i think tonight my dreams will also be filled with thoughts of $1500 desks, such a great find!
wishing you both the most fabulous day,
emma x

emma lamb

Love, love Emma’s garland! It looks so sweet next to Marisa’s painting. I don’t have a daughter but I do have a 3 year old niece who would look lovely surrounded by all your lovely picks! 🙂


of how i want that printmaker’s desk….

Ania @ PaperCutWorks
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