Style Swap: The Linen Wrap Skirt


Happy Thursday, everyone! Nicole from Lillyella here with a new Style Swap. On the lake here in Cleveland, the weather can be”¦ extreme, so to say. It can go from 95° to below zero in a matter of three months, so one thing that is important to me when shopping is seasonal versatility. I often find it in skirts, such as today’s Style Staple, the Linen Wrap Skirt by Peeko Apparel. The design is timeless and the fabric makes it cool enough to wear through the Summer with a breezy shirt and some peep toes but when paired with tights, knee high boots and a stylish coat, it’ll take you all the way through to next Spring.


Style Staple: Linen Wrap Skirt   1. Bird’s Nest Enameled Bracelet Set   2. Kenney Mary Jane Wedge   3. Pleated Ruffle Shirt


Style Staple: Linen Wrap Skirt   1. Fedorable – Houndstooth   2. Marcoe Boots   3. Button Trenchcoat


Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next Thursday!  ~ Lillyella

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Sweet miracles of Lourdes, those turquoise mary jane wedges are…every shoe I’ve ever dreamed of. God. I need them. Immediately.

jessica m.

So so cute – either look is a total winner!

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