Style Swap: The Sweater Jacket

When the clock strikes 3:09 am tonight (or tomorrow morning depending on how you look at), Summer will officially come to an end marking the beginning of Fall. I thought what better way to celebrate the start of my favorite season by style swapping a perfect fall accessory, the sweater jacket.

Today’s Staple, Jacket C by Zarina, is a few steps up in warmth from the spring and summer cardigans you’ve been layering but not quite a coat, making it the perfect transition piece for the months ahead. When the days are still warm but the evening air starts to chill, this piece can be layered over a casual T and capri cords or your favorite sundress, extending the life of your summer wardrobe while keeping you feeling cozy and looking stylish.

Style Staple: Jacket C 1. Toothpick Cords 2. Gillian Hat 3. Kindle Oxfords

Style Staple: Jacket C 1. Easy Peasy Dress 2. Baby Ruche Bag 3. Toscow Flats

Happy Fall! ~ nicole | lillyella

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Yeah that sweater is pretty cute! I like the cords too! 🙂


This is probably one of my favorite style swaps ever Nicole. You have done such a great job around here.

Most of you probably don’t know that this is actually (and sadly) Nicole’s last post here on papernstitch for Style Swap. We will miss you TONS Nicole. Good luck with everything you do in the future.


great 🙂

Tali Schiffer
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