Summer Field Trip: Carnival Games and Candy

Playing mini golf on a rooftop

I’ve been itching to get out of the studio more on nice days to take advantage of this summer weather before its gone. So when HI-CHEW, a Japanese candy company (that I love), asked me to indulge in summer’s sweetness with a #flavorfulmoment, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore.

Of course, I live in Atlanta, which is nowhere near the beach and I don’t know anyone with a pool (dang it), so choices are limited in the summer vibes department. That’s one thing I actually miss about Jacksonville – plenty of beach options there!

BUT I remembered that Skyline Park just opened up at Ponce City Market, which is less than a mile away from the studio, and is basically a happy carnival in the sky. So Amelia (who most of you already know as my editorial assistant and photographer extraordinaire) and I jumped in the car and got our carnival on. We hit those summer vibes hard… and I have a sunburn to prove it. Ha.

Click through for all the colorful photos from our little trip. And be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of this post too, so you can bring your own #flavorfulmoment to life this summer.

Carnival vibes

Colorful mini golf inspiration

First things first…I feel compelled to let you know that I haven’t been mini golfing in forever! So, I wasn’t very good. But it totally brought me back to my teenage years… I used to LOVE going to putt putt when I was in middle school, especially on dates. And not just because there were lots of little hiding spots for make out sessions. Sorry mom!

ANYWAY, we headed straight for the mini golf course when we arrived, which was a lot of fun. The course didn’t have many frills – no windmills or caves here – but it was super colorful, which I of course loved. And coincidentally matched HI-CHEW‘s colorful packaging. Thumbs up.

Color blocked candy


Carnival vibes

After mini golf, we played a few carnival games. I was awful at every game, except for skee ball (which is my jam). And then we got a few snacks and sat down to soak up the sun. And because no summer day (in my mind at least) is complete without a little candy to munch on, we brought some pocket-sized HI-CHEW with us to balance out the pretzels and hot dogs.

Have you had HI-CHEW before? It’s Japan’s #1 soft candy, with a (very unique) chewy texture, made with fresh fruit juices and purees. And it’s really good. When the candy arrived at the studio, we pretty much inhaled it, if that tells you anything. My favorite flavors are mango and strawberry, but in the US it also comes in green apple, grape, cherry, banana, and melon. Yum!

Horse Derby carnival games

HI-CHEW Japanese candy

Overhead view of a dayglow mini golf course

Photography Amelia Tatnall

Want to make your own #flavorfulmoment this summer? Be sure to enter the giveaway on Instagram! Share your summer activities using the hashtag #FlavorfulMoment and tag me (@brittnimehlhoff) for a chance to win a summer swag bag with sunnies, a tee, and loads of HI-CHEW candy.

This post is in partnership with HI-CHEW. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Thanks Helen. It was really fun.


It’s good to hear that you and Amelia made time to go out and enjoy the sun! Carnival games and mini golf sounds like a lot of fun. This place looks awesome!



It’s super fun Kimberly. You should definitely check it out sometime…its not very busy during the week, so that seems like the best time to go.


I didn’t even know Skyline Park was hidden right there above PCM until your post. Can’t wait to visit…especially to get my hands on one of those pretzels. Yum! I’ve never tried HI-CHEWs. The strawberry and grape sound tasty!


We had a lot of fun, Kenzie. It was so nice to get out of the office for a little while.


How fun! It looks like you had a blast and the photos turned out fantastic!


It was a lot of fun, Michelle. SO many colors. It’s crazy!


Looks like you had so much fun, the place looks awesome, and so colourful!


So glad to hear that Emily. Don’t forget the suntan lotion. 🙂


What a fun looking place! And that pretzel, tho… I love Hi-Chew candies. This inspires me to get out and have a day out in the sun!

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