Super 16: A Last Coffee

coffeeThis is my final Super 16 column, and as we started with a look at food I thought we’d finish with a delicious postprandial coffee. I adore coffee but in recent months have discovered that I can’t drink too much of it (devastating news!), so when I do indulge I make sure it’s rich, syrupy and total perfection in a cup. Coffee is the fuel that powers our working day; it’s the warming brew that comforts us in a snowstorm; the milky nectar that brings friends together. How do you take yours?

Thank you, Brittni, for letting me share my favourites with you all. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride and found some new discoveries along the way. Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends! ~ Susannah x

1. peony and breakfast, 2. light affairs, 3. Ricotta dessert, 4. A beautiful pause., 5. sugar cubes, 6. birthday clover, 7. Coffee Heroes II, 8. morning plans, 9. Morning: strong black coffee, no sugar and no cream., 10. In a gloomy morning (34/365), 11. Untitled, 12. USA | Starbucks addict, 13. Untitled, 14. coffee and cake, 15. dry coffee, 16. meet lisa

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so many lovely finds! I love seeing coffee shots, they are so calm and warm 🙂


Awwwwwh! Say it isn’t so! I hate seeing this end. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every edition and found tons of inspiration. Thank you Susannah!


We will miss you Susannah! Good luck with everything.

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