Super 16: Beautiful Hands

hands_mosaicHands are my favourite part of the human body. You can speak with your hands; we hold the hands of our children as we cross the road. We paint and sew and write with our hands. We make music with them too. We show our commitment to the one we love with a ring on our finger. You can tell so much about a person by the state of their hands – how well they have loved, how hard they have worked. Bitten nails speak volumes. And photographs of hands? Well, I love those the best of all.

Until we meet again… Susannah

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I feel the same ay Shanon. Susannah does an absolutely wonderful job with these posts!


i love hands just the same. this is a great collection of them. thanks for posting two of mine :0 im glad you enjoyed them


They are all totally gorgeous- I chuckled with bum of course, I really fell for the inventiveness of four, and I thought the restraint of 10 mirrored perfecly parts of my life…
Thank you,


Every one is a masterpiece. I love this feature every week. I find so much inspiration. It’s always a job perfectly done.


so true susannah. my favorites are 7 and 14.

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