Super 16: Cupcake Heaven


I never used to have such a sweet tooth, and I try very hard not to indulge it too often, but who can resist a cupcake? It’s a perfectly formed piece of heaven on a plate, all frosted and pretty, promising happy days and true love – or is it just me who thinks that? My Super 16 this week shows how these photogenic little cakes will always capture the imagination of photographers, right before they greedily stuff them in their mouths and try to hide the evidence!


See you next week, friends! ~ Susannah


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Naturally, you know I LIVE for cupcakes!! Great post! Hope you are having a spectacular week!! XO

Sweet n' Flour

Ech, you’re teasing this preggo lady to death! But at least I have an arsenal of new ideas (and a few recipes)! 😉

Happy Owl Glass

Yay! Susannah, you always put together such beauty. =)

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