Super 16: Hot Wheels

mosaic_carsIn another life I own a VW campervan; she is deep turquoise blue and has super-shiny hubcaps. Inside the van are blankets made from knitted granny squares and lots of squishy cushions, and at weekends we go driving in the countryside, cameras packed in the back with a fully-stocked hamper for picnicking opportunities. She’s ferried me all over Europe and parked in the mud at music festivals. But as i said, this is another life, another me. The me right now doesn’t have a driver’s license (true), but oh, one day that van will be mine!

Drive safely, friends ~ Susannah

1. from the list of things that make me happy:, 2. Untitled, 3. parking ticket, 4. miracle bus, 5. parked, 6. Mission Ranchero, 7. surfbus , 8. rusty bug, 9. Untitled, 10. Untitled, 11. off the alley, 12. parking … again, 13. nostalgicos…, 14. Firey Bus, 15. 142//365 : tiny dream, 16. He must be loved.

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I wholeheartedly agree about the VW camper van! It is also my dream vehicle, either turquoise or mint green! Ahh that would be so lovely! I absolutely love this photo collection – so cool!


Hey, perhaps I tagged along with you and your VW lovely in that other life? Sounds so familiar…

Laura Collins

OH, I so relate! My alternate reality car is a 1927 ford truck painted soft pink (or robin’s egg blue) with a black and white floral interior. I would use it to deliver boxes of lovely stationery, haul my farmer’s market finds and bring home flowers for the garden. Sigh.

If you truly love VW vans, you should see this (SO cute): (PS, my dad is the guy that gives him money for a milkshake!)

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