Super 16: Perfect Polaroids


Roid Week 2009 began over on Flickr yesterday which means this week’s Super 16 indulges one of my favourite pastimes – Polaroid appreciation. Not only am I happiest when I’m shooting with my beloved SX-70 camera but I love discovering what other Polaroid obsessives enthusiasts see through their lenses. Even though production of Polaroid film stopped last year, the art of the ‘roid continues to be practiced the world over. Whether you’ve found a dusty 680 sitting in the attic or have been eyeing up a modified 250 on eBay, hop over to the Flickr pool for a week of inspiration.

See you next week! ~ Susannah

1. 25/52, 2. (D)olles, 3. Untitled, 4. a sideways glance, 5. sounds magical, 6. polaroid week 09, 7. ‘roid week 2009 – bike, 8. Untitled, 9. when he was small(er), 10. Crows, 11. HBM., 12. Picnic Here, 13. Oxnard, CA, 14. Untitled, 15. Chinatown plastic, 16. 1

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I love polariods, these really are all perfect! The tree is my favorite 🙂

Nichole @

Thanks so much for including ‘crows’ in your Super 16. It’s actually one of my fave Polas, too.

Russ Morris
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