Super 16: Without Color


The first roll of film I shot at art college was black & white; it was my very first attempt to make art out of photography, unlike my usual snaps of friends and occasions. Seventeen years later and black & white images still hold a special place in my heart; they have an elegance and purity, without distracting color, that focuses your eye on shape and light and shadow. I remember my photography tutor telling me that to be a great photographer you had to master the art of black & white first, that those shades of gray had infinite possibilities. Looking at my Super 16 this week, I can see that he was right.


See you next week, friends! ~ Susannah


1. wake up every day with a dream, 2. Untitled, 3. November Rain, 4. blur., 5. Tree Smoke, 6. Het is fragiel, 7. Lending Pearls To Swine, 8. Mirror Test #3, 9. untitled, 10. black and white, 11. No meat sharing, 12. angel frost, 13. self portrait #42, 14. Fenceposts, 15. The Inescapable Scatter, 16. Frank Lloyd Wright and his wife…

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