Surprise! I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

Pastel vibes

See that key right there? That’s the key to my new studio! I signed the lease a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t want to jinx anything by spilling the beans before I moved in. Although, if you follow me on Snapchat (brittnimehlhoff), I actually did mention it there on the day that I signed the lease.

Anyway, now that I’m officially moved in, I thought I’d share a few photos. It’s really just a teaser though for what’s to come because I just moved in a few days ago and there is not one room that is ready for a photo op at this point. Unless you like pictures of moving boxes and a very lonely table with mismatched chairs.

I’ll be sharing all of the interior ‘before’ shots soon, I promise. But for now, a little more info on my new studio digs… It’s 1600(ish) square feet, so there is PLENTY of room for props and supplies. I’ve already dubbed the extra room off the kitchen the dedicated prop room. There’s also a full kitchen (which was something I really wanted) and two bathrooms. Which, when it’s all typed out like that may sound a little fancy, but I can assure you that there is a LOT of elbow grease that is going to need to go into this space to get it where I want it to be. Probably more than I had initially anticipated, actually.

Creative studio space in Atlanta

I have big plans for the space – including redoing the kitchen and at least one of the bathrooms, smoothing the floors, putting up drywall over the wall that are currently painted cinderblock, blah, blah, blah. SO, I think its pretty safe to say that there will be a lot of projects to look forward to around here. Some big, some small. Whatever the scale, I’ll be sharing all of the before and after progress here on the blog.

Aaaaand that will be a whole lot easier for me to do now (documenting the progress) because I also hired two amazingly talented woman to help out around here with photography, craft production, and the editorial side of things. And an awesome intern to round things out. I’ll be introducing Amelia, Rachel, and Anissa in an upcoming post, but chances are you’ve already seen some of their work around here.

That rounds out the team to four! And while I’m a little nervous about these new responsibilities, I’m mainly just excited to see where this crazy road takes us and share the journey with you guys.


Colorful mural in Atlanta

Creative studio space in Atlanta

Photography by Amelia Tatnall

P.S. The exterior of the studio is pretty fun too… The colorful mural in the photos is on the side of the building. And the cactus is right outside my front door (inside a claw foot tub, but that’s a whole other story). Can’t wait to show more!

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This is SO exciting! Congrats, lady! I can’t wait to see more of your adorable studio!



Thanks Gabriella. 🙂 I’ll be sharing more soon, for sure!


WooHoo! Congratulations…that’s exciting news! If the exterior is any indication of the potential of the space, I know inside will be amazing once you are done with it! Plus, a claw foot tub with a cactus right outside? Ha! You can’t beat that!


Aw, thanks Kimberly!


That’s exciting news! Congratulations! I’m very curious about what you will do with this place interior-wise.


Thanks Michelle. It’s definitely going to a journey to get the space where I want it to be, but we’ll get there and I’m excited to be able to share this process with everyone.


Woohoo, congratulations!! That is an awesome announcement, on all ends. Can’t wait to hear more!

Xx Taylor

Taylor - Lights Camera Catwalk

Thanks Taylor! 🙂 I’ll be sharing before photos and more about how/why I decided to make the leap to a studio space soon.


How exciting! Congratulations.

xoxoBella |

Bella B

Thanks Bella.


Congratulations!! And that means we will get to see a lot of interior based DIYs from you! How exciting! Can’t wait to see how the new studio turns out to look:)

Marwa (@Enthralling_g)

Thanks Marwa. Yes! There will be plenty of interior DIY projects. Excited to get started on those, for sure!


Yay! I can’t wait to see how the space comes together for you!



Thanks so much Paige. I’ll be sharing more photos soon…though I imagine it will be a little while before everything comes together completely. 🙂


eeeeee this is SO exciting! The space sounds just wonderful, both inside and out. So happy for you girl! Can’t wait to see what awesome things come out of this new space 🙂

Rachel | The Crafted Life

Thanks Rachel. I really appreciate that!


Brittni, Exciting news. Can’t wait to see more on your new space.

Pat Schwab

Thanks Pat!


Whoop!! Congrats lady! Can’t wait to see the full tour and see what you do with the space!!


Thanks Eden! I’m hoping to get the entryway done first, since it will be the smallest area to decorate. And then working my way into the main room and bigger projects (kitchen, bathroom, etc).


Wow even the sneak peek photos look good! Congratulations, can’t wait to see more! Cheers to growing your team to prep for all the wonderful things coming your way :-.D


Aw, thanks Candace! I appreciate that.


AH! So awesome! Congratulations!

Monique | WritingMonique

🙂 Thank you Monique.


Hi Brittni,

it’s so great to see you succeed at something that you’re so passionate about. I love to see where the journey takes you!


Really appreciate that Sarah. Thanks for the kind words.


Where did you get that amazing tassel/key ring? I’ve been looking for on for my skeleton key and that’s gorgeous.


Hi Sarah. The tassel key ring is from a local shop in Atlanta, The Merchant. I’ll look up the name of the company when I get into the studio this morning.


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Congratulations on your new studio! Can’t wait to read more about your new journey in the space and the makeover process of it as well (:


Thanks Honey & Gazelle. Looking forward to sharing more soon.


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Cograts!! it looks so bright for great looking pics for sure!

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