Take the Journey: Anna Maria’s Color-Rich Contemporary Art

Like you, I prefer to fill my home with unique artwork that tells a story. That’s why I was happy to encounter Anna Maria Potamiti’s new work. It transports you. Using an unconventional palate and style, she takes you on journeys to places like the beach in West Vancouver or even seemingly banal spots, like the view from her childhood home’s windows. Emotional and colorful, Anna thinks of her art as “visual note taking”.

Anna’s process is really interesting. She takes the time to think of the places she’s visited, and those thoughts and feelings become part of the artwork. When you buy Anna’s work you are invited on a very personal pilgrimage.

She has original artwork available for sale on her Etsy Shop. And the organic abstract shapes and warm colors would be perfect in your home office.

Vanessa wrote this post. She is a full time copywriter and webmarketer with a passion for art, creativity, and thrift. She writes about thrifting, creating, and saving money every weekday on her blog, Thrift Core.

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Thank you Brittni- just lovely!

Annamaria Potamiti
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